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If you love free-motion quilting but struggle to fit your project on a domestic machine, you’re going to love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Throat space of sixteen inches gives you room to work on even a king-size quilt. The smooth surface of the included table allows your project to glide under the needle. The powerful motor handles quilting with ease and stitches up to 1,500 stitches per minute. Choose your own top speed and set it on the easy-to-use color touchscreen.

Machine Features

  Easy setup and take down
  More than three times the quilting space of home sewing machines with 16 inches of throat space and eight inches of vertical space
  36” x 30” Height-adjustable table, from 26 to 42 inches
  Easy-Set Tension™* (Patent Pending)
  Stitching speed of up to 1,500 precision stitches per minute
  Handi Feet mount with quarter-inch ruler foot installed, open-toe foot
  Adjustable color touchscreen
  Walking stitch plus four basting stitch options, controlled with touchscreen or foot pedal
  Needle-stop position control
  Quilting alarm and project timer
  Low-bobbin estimator and alarm
  LED light ring
  High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
  Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw
  Responsive foot pedal
  Four extra bobbins, 20 needles,sample thread pack included
  High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
  Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw
  Four language options: English, French, German and Spanish*
  Built-in diagnostics

All HQ Longarms Feature

  HQ Nationwide Retailer/Rep Support
  HQ Customer Solutions
  HQ Technical Support
  HQ Warranty: 10 years casting, 5 years electrical and mechanical*
  Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  Getting Started DVD
  Educational videos, tutorials and tips available on the HandiQuilter.com website

Adaptable, intelligent, creative, and strong. These words encompass everything that you are as a quilter. These same words perfectly describe the HQ Infinity 26. Just as you continuously evolve your quilting designs and methods, this is the machine that adapts along with you. From the flexible stitch regulation to the adjustable handlebars, every aspect of the Infinity is designed to work with you and the way you quilt. No other machine is as innovative, powerful, and feature-rich as the HQ Infinity 26. Whether you quilt for yourself or others, you deserve a quilting machine that looks as beautiful in your home as your custom quilts. Welcome to the best way to finish quilts.

Machine Features

  Front Power Switch
  Bobbin-thread cutter
  Pinpoint needle laser
  Easy-Touch Tension™ with stored presets (Patent Pending)
  On-screen hand wheel
  Adjustable spool tray and thread mast, horizontal spool pin included
  Synergy Stitch™ regulation with Precision and Cruise modes
  Four basting stitch options
  Quilting alarm and project timer
  Stitch counters
  Programmable handlebar buttons
  Integrated micro handles
  Thread-break sensor with alarm
  Bobbin-use estimator with low-bobbin alarm, with up to twenty presets
  Quilt-view camera with Quilters Eye technology
  Needle-stop position control
  Internal diagnostics
  Handi Accessory Rail
  Integrated, adjustable laser light for pantographs
  High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
  Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw
  Four extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack and pantograph
  Four language options: English, French, German and Spanish